Ritual Abuse

Most sexual abuse of children is ritualised in some way.  Abusers use repetition, routine and ritual to coerce children into patterns of behaviour in order to instil fear and ensure silence.

The sexual abuse of children is never a random act, it always involves thorough planning and preparation.  A paedophile ring will often be geared up to record abuse on film and to distribute it as material to gratify themselves and to prepare children for abuse.

Some groups use elaborate rituals in order to terrify children into silence, by convincing them of the absolute power of their abusers.  Religious practices and beliefs may be invoked.  Gods and demons can be enlisted to serve the abusers and animals may be tortured, killed or reincarnated to demonstrate the power of the group.

Abusers exploit the trust that children are taught and feed their imaginations with terror.

Ritual abuse is a form of group abuse, almost always of children.  The use of religious chanting, imagery etc. will often dominate the flashbacks and nightmares suffered by the children into adulthood.  Many survivors will have been given a trigger, often an everyday object or word, that will constantly remind them of the abuse and the fact that something terrible will happen if they disclose it to anyone.

Despite official reports concluding that satanic abuse is not occurring in the UK, survivors are speaking out, and it is clear that paedophile rings, often involving many members of the same family do engage in this ritualised form of abuse.

This website page is not a suitable or advisable place to illuminate the horrific experiences that survivors recount but it is the place to encourage survivors to be confident that their recovery can be ongoing.


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