We only accept self-referrals as we believe that finding the courage to call us is the first and biggest step in getting help.

You can explore this site to find out what you can expect from our service and when you are ready, call us for an informal chat and information on our current waiting list. You might also want to look at our accessing our service page.

Wanting to refer someone you know

If you would like to call our helpline and confidentially speak to us about someone you know who you think would benefit from accessing our service please do as we can talk to you about the person you are supporting and any concerns you may have about them contacting us.  You will then be able to pass this information on in order for them to decide if they would like to contact us.

If you are a health care professional

We do not accept referrals from other agencies but would be happy to discuss your client and how we might make it easier for her to contact us herself.


We are constantly seeking funding and appreciate donations of any size.


Volunteers are at the heart of what we do. We need volunteer counsellors, fundraisers, people with marketing skills as well as people who just want to help.


We always appreciate feedback, please contact us via: or call 01707 276539 if there is anything you would like us to know.

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