Child Sexual Exploitation

What is child sexual exploitation?

Sexual exploitation of children and young people under 18 involves situations and relationships where young people receive ‘something’ (e.g. food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts, money) as a result of them performing, and/or another/or others performing on them, sexual activities.

How can I tell if I am being sexually exploited?

Below is a list of some of the features of sexual exploitation:

  • Feeling that you must give sex for money, food, drugs, or a place to sleep.
  • Having uninvited or unwanted requests to engage in sexual activities in person, on the phone, or over the internet.
  • Feeling that someone will hurt you unless you have sex or do sexual things with them.
  • Being made to feel guilty for not engaging in sex or a sexual relationship.
  • Being made to move away from your home and community for sexual purposes.
  • Being made to watch someone else touch themselves sexually in front of you.
  • Have you been asked to have sex or do sexual things with your partner’s friends?

Who can help if I am being sexually exploited?

If you think you are being sexually exploited you can call 101 to report to the police and/or call our helpline for support.

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