Confidentiality Policy

HARCSAC provides a confidential counselling and information service to women over 18 years of age, who reside in the county of Hertfordshire and who have experienced any form of sexual abuse at any time in their lives.

No information shared between HARCSAC may be shared with any person outside of the organisation with the exception of the external supervisor(s).  This includes confidentiality after volunteer counsellors/staff/supervisors have left the organisation.

Any written details about a client are confidential and are kept securely.  We do not record the content of counselling meetings.  We do collect anonymous statistical information which is collated annually for funding purposes.  Clients can be provided with a copy of our Note Keeping and Destruction Policy for further information if required.

During any face to face meeting there are two volunteer counsellors present.  We do not accept individual confidences.

Other than our supervisor(s), we will only seek advice or information from a third party with a client signed consent.  Wherever possible we will be guided by the client to determine exactly what she wishes us to say or establish with any third party on her behalf.

Breaching Confidentiality

HARCSAC will not be able to maintain its position on confidentiality in the following circumstances:

  • If there are grave concerns that an identifiable child/vulnerable adult is at risk of significant harm or if we become aware that there is current abuse of an identifiable vulnerable person. In these circumstances we will conduct a full and open discussion with the client/caller about our intended actions to inform the authorities.

We will continue working with the client/caller if they are prepared to work with us and the statutory organisations in stopping the abuse.  If however, they are not prepared to do this, then we will end all counselling with them.

  • If we are instructed by the courts to reveal details about you or receive a witness summons to appear in court.

Any changes to this policy will be notified to existing clients and made public on this website.