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Frequently Asked Questions About Face to Face Counselling
How long will counselling last?
Each session lasts an hour and usually takes place fortnightly at the same day and time each week. It is hard to predict how long counselling will last but this will be negotiated with your counsellor and may involve a few or many sessions. 

Will I always see the same counsellor?
You may speak to one counsellor the first time you telephone us who will carry out a telephone assessment but you may not have this counsellor when a place becomes available for face to face counselling. Once counselling starts you will be allocated two counsellors who will work together with you. We find this works well for the client and the counsellors. It also allows for continuity if a counsellor has to be away.

What do we mean by "confidential"?
We will not repeat anything you tell us to anyone outside of Herts Rape Crisis. We do not report anything you tell us to the police or any other outside body. The only exception to this is if we are told things that we have a legal duty to report - for example, child protection issues.  
We collect anonymous information for statistical purposes: this helps us to provide evidence of the need for our service to potential funders. However, no information is ever disclosed that would enable individual callers to be identified.
Where will the counselling take place?
Herts Area Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre is at a confidential location in Hatfield. When you arrange an appointment you will be given details of our precise location.

How much will counselling cost me?

HARCSAC is a registered charity and we do not charge clients a fee for counselling. If you wish, you can make a donation, but this is voluntary.

English is not my first language, can I still come to HARCSAC?

We may be able to help as some of our counsellors speak other languages.

Can I refer someone for counselling?
Part of the recovery process for a survivor of sexual violence is about re-taking control of her own life, which is why we believe it is so important for women to call us themselves.
Coping with trauma is an individual process for every survivor and so it's essential that she be allowed to follow her own path of healing.
Well-meaning family or friends may pressure a woman to contact us but, in our experience, the survivor knows what’s best for them and knows when they are ready to talk.
We will always be glad to talk to family and friends to help them find appropriate ways to provide support.

Contact us:

Call our confidential helpline on: 01707 276512 
Or email at

HARCSAC, PO Box 256, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 0NE

Helpline hours are:

24hr discreet answer phone available.

Thursday: 7.30pm- 9.30pm
Calls are answered by a counsellor.

Messages are returned with discretion and your confidentiality will be protected.

Herts Rape Crisis     Registered Charity No: 800325

Email:        tel:  01707 276512